Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whew … I’m Exhausted!

Hubby and I were out ALL day yesterday … driving all over creation as it turned out.  We headed down through Mt. Vernon to get to Newark, OH to visit a shop called Bunny’s Sew Fine Fabrics.  Since we hadn’t done the Central Ohio Shop Hop in a couple of years, it had been awhile since we visited that shop.  Their website mentions Civil War fabrics – so that had been kind of calling to me since my Mom and I drove close to that area a few weeks ago when we visited Longaberger land.  She was having a sale on Civil War fabrics, so I ended up getting a few (had to get full one-yard cuts though for the sale which was a bit of a bummer).  And I got a FQ bundle that just was calling out to me.  And, would you believe that they had the Dresden ruler that I had been wanting for the past couple of years??  It was something I had seen at the JoAnn Fabrics website where it was listed as “coming soon” for several weeks.  Then it disappeared from the website so I was never able to get it.  Here’s what I got at Bunny’s …


I got three shirtings and five directional prints, those should be fantabulous for doing blocks where fussy cutting can really make a block POP!   The FQ laying on top of the ruler was thrown in free! 

It took us FOREVER to get from Newark over to Columbus – of course it didn’t help that it was getting to that early rush hour time of day, and we were heading into the heart of downtown Columbus.  I swear we hit EVERY red light all of the way down Broad Street and all of the way up High Street.  We had to head that direction because I wanted to hit Glass Thimble to get some backing fabric.  (of course a new email from them arrived in my email box TODAY telling me of a 25% sale that would have come in VERY handy if I had known about it – uggh!)  Here’s what I got at Glass Thimble …


… and yes, you’ll see that NOT EVERYTHING in this group is Civil War stuff.  I needed backing for my Civil War Soldier’s Cot Quilt, and I needed 4 yards of backing for my Row By Row quilt that was done in 1930’s prints.  Then of course the notions were calling out to me – and I just had to have three more rulers!   I’m collecting all of the colors of Aurifil’s wool thread now (for my machine quilting AND for my big stitch quilting) and the kid stuff will be a present for my nephew!

We stopped at one of those book stores that sell over runs and close-outs on the way home … it’s housed in an old church.  The last time we stopped I got about 6-7 quilt books, but yesterday I just found a couple.  Here’s a picture of one of them … a book called Japanese Sashiko Inspirations by Susan Briscoe.  It’s a really neat book and a steal for about $6.00.  I’ll have to share the other one tonight or tomorrow since it’s downstairs …. I spent less than $15 for the two books (awesome!).  The other one has lots of Amish quilts (cool beans!.


Finally it was over to Quilt Beginnings on Sawmill to get my block-of-the-month kit for August.  And while there I had a Buy 2 get 1 free coupon for thread.  I used that to get 9 more spools of Aurifil wool thread (it’s downstairs so I don’t have a photo of that) but here’s the Thangles kit this month …


… I’m doing it in Civil War colors.

We stopped at World Market after dinner at Carrabbas, and got some Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate wafer cookies for me … and then hopped over to the Polaris mall for hubby to exchange some OSU basketball shorts that he had gotten in the wrong size.

So we didn’t get home until 9:45 last night … and my knee was killing me.  Whew … what a day!


  1. You had a busy day but sound like a good one. How nice that you got to add to your fabric collections. I think shirtings are the hardest to find, don't you?

  2. Yes, and I was so bummed when I saw 6 bolts of brand new shirtings still wrapped up at one of the stores - and they were saving them for an upcoming series of classes. So I couldn't get to any of them! :( - LexingtonQuilter