Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soldier’s Cot Quilt – Day 1

Since the storms were rolling through in waves last night, I had the computers shut down.  So I’m just now posting a picture of the beginning of the Soldier’s Cot Quilt.  It will be about 54” x 79” when done.  This is another of the great quilts from The Civil War Sewing Circle book by Kathleen Tracy.  I’ve already done the One-Patch Doll Quilt, the Double Hourglass and the T Is For Temperance quilts from this book, and I’ve got the kit for the Civil War Stars Doll Quilt ready and waiting to be started!  This book was definitely a good purchase!

Here are the first blocks of the Soldier’s Cot Quilt …


And just like the others from this book, I got the kit from Good Wives Co., a great quilt shop in Marion, Ohio.

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  1. Looks great. I love civil war quilts. I will have to try this author. Thanks for sharing.