Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall Is Here – Quilting (detail 1)

Well, I actually finished piecing this top on 10/7/2008, and I just started the quilting of it today.  (eeek!)  I decided to put it on my HQ-16 frame, baste it, and then pull it off to hand quilt it in the “big stitch” quilting style.


The curvy white lines are the basting stitches done with Vanish Extra.  So far I’ve been working on the colored areas of the quilt, using a #8 Pearl Cotton in black for the quilting.  I have some variegated Valdani pearl cottons that I may end up using for the quilting in the black areas.

Sorry that the photo isn’t better – I used my iPad2 to take the photo down in the family room – which has notoriously bad lighting.  (and the iPad2 doesn’t zoom or have a flash)  Then I emailed it to my main computer to brighten it up a bit before posting it.

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