Friday, August 26, 2011

Dutch Triangles – Day 1

After making the decision to dump the Thangles block-of-the-month that was causing me frustration  (mentioned in a previous post) … I have started taking apart the kits and using the Civil War fabrics in them to start my Dutch Triangles quilt.  (The quilt was shown at the November 2007 issue of Quilters Newsletter, p. 96)

The measurements used in the pattern are different from what I’m using – but I don’t mind changing things up.  I’m using the Creative Grids Half Square Triangle ruler for making the 2½” half square triangles.

If you haven’t seen the ruler – here’s how it works … You start with two 2½” strips (a light and a dark preferably) …


… you put them right sides together …


You place the notched part of the ruler on the strips … and cut out the number of triangles that you need.  (in this case I need four triangles per block)  The ruler will make nine triangles if you use the full length of the ruler which is 16.25” long.



Here are the four triangles that result.



You sew the four triangle units together using the standard quilter’s 1/4” seam allowance, and then assemble the four units together …


The ruler also has a 2½” ruler on the bottom edge to help you cut 2½” strips if your using something other than pre-cut 2½” strips.

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