Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thangles are not my friend …

I tried working on my block-of-the-month blocks tonight … which was a good thing since I’m FOUR MONTHS behind on that program.  But you know what?  I don’t like them.  In fact I think I hate the blocks.   Here’s the deal …

  • Every month we drive an hour away to go get my block kit … so we’ve already invested time, energy and gas money into doing this 8 times (with another four to go)
  • I really dislike Thangles.  I’ve tried them on numerous occasions, and each time I want to throw them out the window!  And the whole thing is Thangles, Thangles, Thangles  (Eeek!) 
  • I could do the half-square triangles without using the Thangles, but since I really am disliking the blocks and the fabrics, it may not be worth it
  • Even though the theme is Civil War, the kits come from a shop that does not specialize (or carry any) Civil War stuff.  I think they offered Civil War as one of the themes because they knew some people would pick it – but they don’t carry any of those fabrics in the store.  The colors lack a certain zing
  • Not only have I already purchased 8 of my BOM kits (Jan. – Aug.), but I have already ordered the finishing kit.  (it’s not ready yet – but I had to reserve mine and pay for it in advance)

So now I am stuck – I really hate the blocks that have been done so far … hate the fabrics they chose, and hate the patterns and the Thangles …

Arrgghh!  I guess that I should admit to myself that the reason I’m so far behind on this one is that I really don’t like it … I think I’ll just use the fabrics and cut them up for other Civil War-themed projects (of which I have many).


  1. For me I have found that if I don't like something at the sewing stage, I probably won't like it if it were completed. Best for me, find a new home for it, give it away, trade with a friend or just throw it away. Don't let it haunt you by keeping it around. Use the fabrics for other projects.

    When thangles first came out I bought them in several sizes, I thought they were way more work than they need be. Do what works for you and enjoy the process. Hugs

  2. I don't believe in Thangles either.

  3. Amy, it sounds like me, I also have been in a thangles block of the month, about 1 hr away from my house is the quilt shop that I belong too, again, time wasted in driving as well as the gas. So I had asked if I could have them mailed to my home, the lady at the store said yes you can, so I went that route. I really don't like the colors as well.:(. well if anything, I have stripes to do something else with. I wanted to start this BOM because it was something different. Well, I have not started it at ALL:). They are just piling up on my table.
    As far as liking the thangle thing, I some what like it, I am a person that needs to be almost perfect the first time around, I hate having to do things over and wasting stuff(know what I mean). The one thing I really,really hate about the thangles is the paper can move on you before you get it pinned. So I place the thangles on the fabric and pin,pin,pin. Then I just sew,sew,sew. Then there is the tearing, sometimes my seams come apart, I hate that.
    Well, time to go, life is here(work and all), I hope you have a great day in quilting.
    Sue from Wisconsin