Saturday, May 1, 2010

Took a walk ...

Well tonight was Toby's first walk ... He's led such a sheltered little life, and we've been bad puppy parents, never really training him to walk on a leash.  We never take him anywhere, except for his vetrinarian appointments - so it's never really been much of an issue.  But over the winter I decided that both Toby and Ba'el should learn to walk on a leash with us.  Of course it really is sad to think about those plans I made last fall, since they included our Archer too ... we had no clue he would get so sick so quickly.  He's been gone since mid-December, but there are days I still expect him to be standing in the kitchen when I go downstairs. 

Not sure if we'll be able to take a walk tomorrow, since there are some thunderstorms in the forecast for both Saturday and Sunday.  But whenever it is that we do get to take our next walk, we'll be taking Ba'el this time.  Either her by herself, or with Toby too.   They make dog strollers, and we really want to get one.  I need to do some measuring before we decide which one to get.  Ezri is a standard dachshund, so she's longer.  We'll have to find a stroller long enough to accomodate her length.  But with three back surgeries in her past, and her neck problems flaring up again - having her in a stroller would be the only way she could go along with us.

Here's our Toby ...


  1. We bought a red wagon with the wooden sides, put cushions in for comfort, ran a piece of collar from one side to the other so we could clip the dogs collars to it and our older dogs rode in comfort. The wagon rolls easily and we can fit more than one dog or accomodate water bottles or jackets or anything else we needed to take with us.

  2. That's a great idea Dayna, thanks for sharing it.