Sunday, May 2, 2010

My sister's birthday ...

My sister turned 34 on Friday, but we couldn't all get together until tonight ... so we had a nice little dinner and party at her house.  Her husband made a lot of the food, and we had a nice time.  Her in-laws were there, along with my parents, my grandmother and of course, me and my husband.  It was a nice evening ... the four grandparents and the one great-grandparent spent the whole time shuffling little Jacob around the room, and the t.v. was tuned first to the Kentucky Derby, then to the Indians game, and then to the Cavs.  My sister seemed to like the purse/tote that I made for her (now you know what those mystery designs were for)

She got several nice gifts from everyone, including two new beads for her Pandora bracelet.  I probably haven't mentioned it - but we're a Pandora-obsessed family!  Here are my sister, my Mom and me ... well, at least our wrists, with our beautiful bracelets (if we do say so ourselves! he he)

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