Sunday, May 2, 2010

Butternut & Blue (8/08)

On this rainy Sunday morning I'll look back to a very simple piece that I did in August of 2008 ... the fabric line from Moda was called Butternut & Blue, so that's what I named the piece.  It's just a basic set of five strips with a narrow border and then a wide border.  The whole point of this piece was to really focus on the quilting, rather than the piecing.  I had gotten this set of fabrics at a large sewing & quilt expo in Cleveland several years ago ... and by the time I was piecing this, the fabric line was long gone.  So it was a nice surprise when I went to a shop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and stumbled across the yellow outer border print.  So I purchased the yardage I needed to do the binding and backing.  It really is a long piece, taking up most of the length of my design wall.  The picture makes it look wrinkled and "puckery", but it really isn't - I guess I just hadn't done a very good job of smoothing it out.


  1. Hadn't thought of that way, but I guess you're right Susan!