Thursday, June 10, 2010

Postage Stamp Quilt - Update

I got 16 more blocks done for my postage stamp quilt .... It really is SO easy, and moves along fairly quickly.  Of course I'm using a strip-piecing method - I'm not sitting there stitching together a gazillion little 1½" squares of fabric.  From one Honey Bun and a couple of yards of cream fabric, I got 32 blocks, each 8" (finished).  I will probably leave off two of the blocks and just do a 5x6 block layout for the lap quilt.  Here's where it's at right now ...


  1. Love that quilt(to be). You have motivated me to start one of my own....thanks..

  2. I love your quilt---I love small blocks and small quilts--so you win on the small blocks!!! What size will this be "about" when you are done??/ Are you just doing this or is it a pattern???
    Have a fun day
    hugs, Di

  3. Blissful Di ... I didn't have a pattern, but I did take a quick look at some of the ones shown on the internet to get an idea as to how many strips I needed to do. I wanted to see how much cream-colored fabric I'd need. Each block has 64 squares ... measures 8" square (finished). I think it will be about 40" x 48" for the body of the quilt. But I still have to add a couple of borders too. So it will increase in size.

  4. Quilting Queen ... With strip piecing it doesn't take that long at all. And I used one of the honey bun pre-cuts from Moda ... so I didn't even have to cut those strips. It really went together fast.