Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning Glory Dresden Plate

Again on this one I don't have an exact date (uggh!).  I think it is from 2008, and it still isn't quilted (uggh!  uggh!).  I used an older line from Moda called Morning Glory, which I had picked up from a quilt shop, in Columbus, a few years ago.  Then a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to find some additional fat quarters to match the wovens that I already had.   Mix in some nice quality cream-colored fabric and a desire to learn how to do a Dresden Plate quilt ... and voila!   I should have smoothed it out on the design wall a little more before taking the picture though!  It is hard to see in the picture (because it blends in with the white design wall), but there's a cream-colored border OUTSIDE of the checkerboard border.  So this piece actually has three borders ... 1. Cream,  2.  Checkerboard,  3.  Cream.  While this is a lap quilt in terms of size, it will actually be hanging on one of the walls in our master bedroom when I get this quilted.

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  1. My you have done some neat quilts down through the years---very well done!! Isn't fun to look back and see what all you have done???? and those pumpkin pillows are sooo cute!!!
    hugs. Di