Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Sunrise (8/14/05)

What can I say about Garden Sunrise?  This is one WILD piece ... certainly the most wild piece that I had done up to that time.  This was done fairly early on in my quilting experience, back in August of '05, and was from a kit that I purchased at a large quilt expo.  The kit came from the QuiltTrends booth, they have a shop in Columbus, Ohio, that I would later visit and eventually purchase my HQ-16 from.  They like modern quilt concepts there at that store - and this kit is no exception.  I was just learning to do freemotion meandering patterns, and I decided to use a variegated thread and make some swirling motifs in the quilting designs.   I was pretty uncomfortable with the use of the variegated thread at that time - afraid that it might show up too much.  Of course now I look at it and give myself a pat on the back for having the guts to use it when I was such a novice at machine quilting.

You'll see that my motion was a little herky-jerky in some places.  But I give myself a lot of credit for pushing forward and trying something new at that point.  The stitching was done on my Bernina Aurora 440, before I got my HQ-16.

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  1. I think variegated thread is the easiest to use, especially as a beginner. Superior King Tut is variegated about every 1.5-2", so just as you see it, then you don't. Covers alot of tracks! Nice job! Nice fabrics and great quilting!