Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Goose Is Loose (8/3/08)

My look back today is to a quilt top called The Goose Is Loose, which I finished on 8/3/08.  The pattern came from a magazine, and I originally started this project in a completely different color palette.  I had gone with a floral fabric for the background with teal blues and soft greens.  The "geese" were going to be all one color - a teal-ish blue in a bit darker shade than in the background fabric.  But I was a beginner quilter at that point, and my points didn't always match up, and things got a little wonky in some places.  So that project had gotten put in the closet ... waiting for another day to be finished. 

In the meantime I acquired a bundle of fat quarters in an overdyed fabric line, from a quilt show.  I combined that with some classic Amish black fabric as a background and I started over. 

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