Saturday, January 7, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas Mystery Quilt (1/6/2012)

Well here’s to my first finished quilt of 2012.  I finished up the 12 Days Of Christmas Mystery Quilt last night, and with hubby getting home late – I didn’t feel like running around with the camera to take pictures and get them posted.   I liked the way it turned out overall.  I wish that I had cut block one from the red version of that fabric, rather than the brown version that was going to end up in the top border.  Oh well.  I ditch quilted around each square, and then used beige #100 silk to quilt an X in each block.  I did some freemotion meandering with blue silk and brown silk in the side and top borders.  And for this piece I used a single-fold binding – my first time attempting that (normally I do a double-fold).  It turned out very well, and gave me a chance to use the Wonder Clips that arrived in my stocking from Santa a couple of weeks ago!  (they worked great)



  1. wow you didn't waste any time in getting it done and it looks lovely!! my top is done, i just need to find some backing and then i can start on the hand quilting..what a fun little project this was!!

  2. Your Mystery quilt turned out very well. Congratulations on a first finish, I still have a couple more blocks. Hope you are feeling better.