Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take my HQ-16 in for service?

Eeek … I’m scared to death to do it – but I may have to take my HQ-16 in for service.  I have a feeling that her timing has gotten a bit off.  I’m scared to death to move her from her home in the basement and out to the car.  Eeeek!!


  1. Eeeek! I understand how you feel about moving your HQ16 off its frame. I don't like to move my HQNolting either. (Of course, I can't move it myself because it's too heavy.) I'm not familiar with your HQ16, but with my HQNolting, between my manual and phone conversations with the friendly folks at Nolting, I can fix the timing myself. Sure saves the time and $$ of getting it to a repair place or shipping it to the Nolting place. Good luck on getting your 16 back in working/playing order! (In the meantime, maybe you can find consolation at your LQS. 8-) )