Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soft Book: High Low Fast Slow (9/17/2011)

Had to finish this little soft book for my nephew since we’ll be seeing him tomorrow and he always gets a book from his Auntie.


One little thing I’ve discovered with doing a couple of these … you really need to trim back the batting (very thin batting) in the area you’ve left open to turn the pages inside out.  Here’s a detail picture …


What you’re seeing are the two layers of book pages (right sides together) and a layer of very thin batting (I use a poly) on top.  With my walking foot, I’ve stitched around the four sides – leaving an opening about 4” to turn this right sides out.  I notch out the batting in this area to make it a little easier to stitch this section together when turned out.

*Note:  When stitching around the four sides I have the fabric facing up so that I can see where I’m stitching.  I leave the poly batting larger by about an inch on each side.  When done, I can trim it down.  I also cut off the corners c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y to get rid of bulk at the corners when I try to make the points nice and crisp!

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