Friday, September 16, 2011

Churndash – Day 1

Okay, I was lazy last night and didn’t feel like taking a picture with the regular camera … so I snapped a photo with my iPad.  I got all of the pieces cut – despite the pattern being very poorly written.  I have the half square triangles pieced, and the bars that make up the side rails of the churndash unit, but I don’t have the block assembled.


Like I said – this pattern was poorly written.  I feel bad for any beginner quilters who happen to purchase this kit – if they don’t have the prior knowledge to determine sizes and cuts, the pattern certainly doesn’t help much. And the pattern must have been written for some other color scheme at another point – because the author didn’t go in and edit out the old colors. So for a blue and brown quilt, the pattern kept referring to pieces in red and green!

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