Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fusible Tricot

A couple of different companies are selling a product that will adhere two pieces of quilt batting together.  The batting tape, as they’re calling it, comes on a 10 yard roll, and the tape itself is 1½” wide.  They sell the Dritz Quilting brand at Joann Fabrics.  I’ve seen the same tape, in different packaging, sold under a different name at independent quilt stores.  But somewhere along the way I heard that this was just basic fusible tricot, a product available at most fabric stores sold as an interfacing or underlining.  Usually it’s kept behind the counter or with the other interfacings.  You can buy it by the yard (and of course that means using a 40% coupon if you’re at JoAnns).   The product that I purchased is a Pellon product, item “Ek130 Easy-Knit”. 

The tricot can be cut with your regular rotary cutter.  I cut a strip to use in this photo, and used it to adhere two pieces of scrap fabric together.  Works great!   As with all fusible products, be sure which side has the adhesive on it before you touch it with your iron, or you will have a sticky mess)   Cut your own strips and roll them around an empty paper towel roll for quick access.

I tend not to use batting tape on larger quilts – like lap quilts or bed quilts since I do those on my longarm.  But I do like it when I’m working on wall hangings, quilted pillows, quilted purses, etc. when trying to put together pieces of batting.



  1. Well, who knew! I have been tempted to purchase the tape but would put it off as I thought it was over priced. Will give this a try, thank you for the good tip.