Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creative Grids Non-Slip Multi-Size 45/90 Triangle

Tried out one of the new rulers that I had gotten within the last few weeks.  This one does quarter square and half square triangles from strips of fabric.  The great part is NO MATH required.  The numbers on the ruler show you the size of the block when you’re done.  So if you want a 4” finished block, you cut your pieces by lining up the ruler on the fabric at the 4 mark.  If you want a 2” finished half square triangle, you use the 2 mark on the ruler to line up the ruler on the fabric.  It will make blocks up to 5” which really is great considering these are parts of larger blocks.  So realistically you could be doing a 14” Ohio Star block using the quarter square triangles made from this tool.  This is another fantabulous ruler by Creative Grids … I love their rulers!  (The item number is CGRMS4590 if you’re looking for it on-line)


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  1. Thanks for the tip on this ruler. I appreciate the review of new products, and this ruler sounds like a great one!