Monday, November 12, 2012

Basket Case Saturday Sampler (BOM)

Okay this block-of-the-month was started back in 2006.  It was run by a really nice (now closed) quilt store in Medina, Ohio.  It was in an old church.  Once a month I would drive up there (about an hour’s drive) to pick up my block kit.  And they were probably the strictest BOM I’ve ever been involved with.  I HAD to bring my previous month’s block (completed of course) to show them in order to get my next month’s block.  And I HAD to pick up the block kit on a CERTAIN Saturday of the month.  There were NO EXCEPTIONS, NO SPECIAL CONSIDERATION, NO EARLY PICK-UPS.  I made it all the way through most of the year until around October when they announced that the store was going to be going out of business.  Then we had only a couple of weeks go into the store and get the remainder of the block kits for the quilt. 

Ironically a couple of years later my sister decided to move to Medina after becoming involved with a gentleman from there, and getting a job in a similar field to what she was doing locally.  Had she lived there when I was driving up there monthly, it would have made for a neat excuse to get together for fun sister’s lunch once a month!

I’m using one of Superior Threads LAVA threads (absolute favorite!) for the borders, and a 50-weight So Fine! (also by Superior Threads) for the feather motif in the blocks and for the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting in a soft beige, almost pale yellow, color.  After this quilt top was put together, I really didn’t like it all that much … but it’s been growing on me lately.  Maybe it’s just calling out to me, trying to get me to finish it!

Since the border fabric is SO BUSY there was no point in really doing any kind of intricate quilting – so I’m just doing a basic meandering stipple design in the variegated LAVA thread.  I’m also using the LAVA for a diamond pattern in the vertical and horizontal sashing strips.  I might choose another design to kind of create cornerstones at the intersections – not sure yet.  Again, with the busy fabric, you really wouldn’t see it anyway.  I’m stitching-in-the-ditch around the inside of the blocks and using a feather design on my Pro-Stitcher to quilt across the entire block – a first for me!  I’m hoping to work on it some more tomorrow!  (9 more blocks to go!)

I also used the Pro-Stitcher to do the stitch-in-the-ditch.  The newer Pro-Stitcher has this feature, but I had yet to try it on one of my quilts.  Guess I didn’t really trust it.  But I found out this afternoon that it indeed works!

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