Friday, November 16, 2012

Basket Case Saturday Sampler (BOM) – Update 4

Got to take this quilt, along with a few others, to my quilting day with Sunda and Janet yesterday.  It’s always fun to show them the stuff I’ve been working on.   While there I took advantage of the table space to take a photo of the quilt.  After finishing the binding on Wednesday night, when hubby got home from work I had him hold up the quilt for me to look at from across the room.  And oddly enough, I think we’re going to end up hanging this strangely colored quilt in the family room.  


For the last few years I’ve been trying to decide what quilt to hang in the family room – where we have a lot of Earth tones.  This quilt top had been hanging on a hanger downstairs waiting to be quilted for a loooonnnngggg time (about as long as I’ve had my longarm) … probably about 6 years.  Never thought in a million years that THIS might be a good candidate to hang in there.  But I guess sometimes it’s good to go with the unexpected – and the colors really will go with what’s in there!  I want to use three wooden quilt hangers that we bought at a quilt shop in Ostrander, Ohio, which at this point may or may not be in business.  (we were only there once for a shop hop and never saw them mentioned again)

Anyway … my quilt day with Sunda and Janet was fun, we hadn’t gotten together in over a month – so it took us awhile to catch up!

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