Friday, November 18, 2011

Fave Friday #1 – Flying Geese No Math Ruler

Okay, I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now – but just haven’t done it.  There are so many products that I just absolutely love, that I thought I’d share a little about them each week.

This week I tried a product called the FLYING GEESE RULER NO MATH RULER by Lazy Girl Designs.  With this ruler you will create FOUR flying geese units at a time.  you cut ONE LARGE square (the body of your geese) and FOUR SMALL squares (the wings of the geese units).


The instructions are pretty great, but here’s my quick version.

The ruler has two different sets of lines.  In one corner there are a series of solid lines and measurements.  Those lines give you your cutting lines for your large square.  If you need flying geese units that are 5½” wide for example, you would use the lines marked with the letter I.


Then get your other fabric ready and use the markings on the other corner of the ruler to cut your “wing” pieces.


On the back of your small squares, draw one diagonal line from corner to corner on each of the four squares.


Lay two of the squares on top of your large square (right sides together) with the lines on the back of the small squares lined up from corner to corner.


Move to your sewing machine with your 1/4” foot and stitch a line on each side of your drawn lines.  (1/4” to the right and 1/4” to the left)



After both lines of stitching are complete, cut the unit in half on the solid line.


Move to the ironing board and press the “wings” open on each unit.


Take your third small square and position it at the bottom of one of the two units you’ve just sewn.  As before, sew 1/4” lines on each side of the drawn line.  Repeat this step with the fourth square and the other sewn and pressed unit.


You’ll end up with four flying geese units.  One of the “wings” will already be pressed open, the other side will not.  Take a moment to press the other wing open.


Now you’ll have four neat flying geese units.   Trim the corners and the little ears at the top of the unit. 


Repeat with other colors.


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  1. I make my flying geese using the same sewing together method but it's the trimming that I do with the aid of a Tucker ruler called the Wing Clipper. Makes mine perfect. I have not heard of the ruler you used. I just love the look of a flying geese border.