Friday, November 25, 2011

Day after Thanksgiving …

Whew ... that was a looonnnngggg day. I left the house at about 8:45 this morning to head to the local Pandora store to get the special bead that they were offering today. Then headed to a quilt shop about 45 minutes west of here (devoted to mainly Civil War repro stuff). They were having a 40% off fabric sale, along with a buy-one-get-one-50% off sale on books. And their Christmas housewares (decorative primitives mostly) were 25% off. I came away with five yards of fabric, three kits, six books, three FQ's and some assorted doo-dads and notions. Got back to town and stopped at Mom's house to go shopping with my Mom, Dad, and my sister and her two little boys. (Her hubby had to work all weekend, so she's spending some time in town with Mom & Dad) We hit some tried and true local shops that aren't quite as busy the day after turkey day, but have some neat stuff. Then it was back to Mom & Dad's for pizza, and by this time my hubby was off work so he was able to join us. Got home about 9:30. Had a lot of fun, spent way too much $$, and am exhausted! (but it was a good day!)

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