Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Enough with the bad language!

Okay, I’m getting sick of reading and hearing bad language all over the place.  It drives me crazy.  We don’t use bad language … didn’t use it growing up, don’t use it now and I’m about to turn 41.  My Grandpa used a lot of bad language, and my parents explained to me that he didn’t know any better.  One time when I was about 6 or 7, I asked my Mom what “Hell” meant, and she threatened to wash my mouth out with soap just for uttering the word.  So I learned from an early age that we did NOT use that type of language.  My Dad spent all of his working years in a factory, so he probably heard his fair share of bad words – but he never brought it home.  Not only does using that language show a lack of class and a lack of education, but a good man should NEVER speak that way in front of his wife and daughters.  (You can tell how much I respect my Dad)  Now everyone gets to post whatever they want on Facebook and Twitter and their blogs, and I’m sick of the bad language that I’m assaulted with all of the time.  And some of those people are college educated – and one was an English major so I think she should know some other words to use!  I know they have the RIGHT to say things – but can I ask for a little intelligence in deciding how best to express that message?

Okay … I’ll calm down now and go back to the quilt room!

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  1. Agreed. I find it disappointing, but I don't stick around. I don't need it. There's a lot of choice on the web. You were blessed to have such a dad. Lindah