Saturday, November 19, 2011

4-Patch Challenge (Did I Actually Make a Decision?)

Okay, the 4-patch challenge email has been setting on my desk for weeks now.  I even had a copy of it in the quilt room.  But I couldn’t make up my mind.  I wanted to do something really, really simple.  I see quilt projects in magazines hanging on walls, and lots of times they are such simple little projects.  But because they’re finished in such a cute way – it looks fantastic.  (one of those – Well I Could Do THAT! moments)

The little 4-patch units had been up on my design wall for several days – I had about three different layouts going.  But finally it hit me – why not just do a basic little 4-patch quilt, do some big-stitch quilting on it by hand, and display it on one of those cute hangers that I’ve got in my quilt room?

So here’s where things stand …


I’ve got the small mini-quilt made of basic 4-patch units in Civil War repros and shirtings.  And to the right you’ll see the hanger that I’m hoping to use.

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