Friday, May 3, 2013

Grandmother’s Choice BOW – Week 35

Was not too happy today when I cut one of the pieces for this block incorrectly.  Actually I was pretty mad at myself, because I only had a small piece of this fabric – and couldn’t re-cut it.  So …. should I keep going, knowing that one of the spokes will look different?  Or start all over again with new fabrics – and the pieces cut for the original would totally go to waste?  I opted to go ahead and put the block together – even with the mistake.


It was nice to finally get into the quilt room and work on LAST WEEKEND’S block!  This has been a strange week. 

  • Monday night I had a meeting. 
  • Tuesday we were gone ALL DAY babysitting for my sister’s boys out-of-town, and then celebrating her 37th. birthday. 
  • Wednesday was a do-nothing day.
  • Thursday was an all-day quilt day with my potholder group (our first meeting of 2013 would you believe). 
  • And now, here it is Friday, and we’re ready to head into another weekend!  Eeek!  I spent the morning at the computer starting to get caught up, and the afternoon down at the longarm working on my churn dash quilt.  (pictures coming soon!)


  1. personally i'd leave it. fabric is expensive. our quilting foremothers would have left it for the same reason. but if you absolutely cannot live with it, then it's a do over. either way your call. i am not the quilt police, nor should anyone else be either but sometimes we have to satisfy our own standards.

  2. Mistake??? I like the block as pictured. :-)