Monday, May 6, 2013

Churn Dash – Day 5

I didn’t feel well this morning, and that continued most of the day.  It’s probably some kind of sinus infection … enough to have me feeling lousy.  I really wanted to spend the afternoon down at the longarm finishing up the last three borders of my Churn Dash piece – then the quilting would be done.  Instead I was on the couch for the majority of the afternoon watching the Indians game and sleeping off and on.  That was probably the best thing for my cold.  My husband got home from work around 5:00 and had to hurry out to mow the front lawn.  While he was out there, I went down to the basement and worked on my quilt.
and here’s the back …
Late Sunday evening I attached the binding to the front, so Monday I can start doing the hand finishing and it will be done!

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