Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Update

I’ve got a lot of different projects going on right now – and quite frankly, it’s EXCELLENT!  I love having lots of projects.  So here’s an update on a few of the things I’m working on …

Here’s a picture of both table toppers together.  I finished the first one (left) on Monday night, and the other on Tuesday night. 


On Sunday I found out about a Maple Leaf Block Swap that’s happening on the Small Quilt Talk mailing list on Yahoo!  … so I signed up to do two sets.  (each set is made up of 8 blocks)  Here are my two blocks … each of them are 4½” finished blocks.  I had hoped that hubby could take them to the post office yesterday – but he ran out of time.  Maybe they’ll go out today.  I’ve got ‘til 11/5, so there’s still plenty of time.  The blocks are supposed to have dark backgrounds and bright, fall-colored leaves.


And each evening I’ve been making paper pieced hexies for another Good Wives Co. (Marion, Ohio) project.  This is my project box with my finished hexies, my notions, my fabrics, etc.  The project is a table topper with poinsettia flowers on it, done in reproduction fabrics.  


I’m going to start entering links for this hexie project at a blog site called Sarah Did It!  She’s a self-proclaimed hexie-aholic!

I bought a very Halloween/Fall quilt kit the other day when I was at Good Wives Co. (Marion, Ohio), and I really should get started on that one this afternoon.  It will take a few days to get the top done!  Wait ‘til you see it!


  1. Your blocks are so pretty. And yippee for hexies!

  2. Hi Amy - thanks for joining HeLP!! I love your hexie project box and can't wait to see the project come together, especially since I have not yet seen any pointsettia patterns. Is there a link to the pattern? I didn't notice it right off on their website.

    1. Sarah ... I picked up the pattern at their shop, and it looks like one of their own patterns. It's very simply done ... on hexie graph paper with colored pencils.

  3. love your project box. Nice Maple leaves (I think I'll just make my stress that way!)