Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grandmother’s Choice BOW – Week 8

Got this week’s block done early!  Lots of fussy cutting for this one.


Stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics as part of my Friday shopping yesterday.  (I was all over the place)  I had a 40% coupon from the paper, a 50% coupon from a mailed flyer, a 60% coupon from the Jo-Ann app, and ANOTHER 60% coupon from Facebook!  So I got four items … Another desktop needle threader (this one to put in my hexie case), some star templates, a strawberry pin cushion (also to put in my hexie case) and another package of Wonder Tape.  The total should have been about $41 … I wrote the check for $18.38.  Woo Hoo!!!!

I also stopped at Catherine’s to take advantage of a sale they were having, and I had some Catherine’s Cash to use (like $200 worth).  I got TONS of things … a new winter coat, 5 pairs of socks, some hosiery, three casual cotton tops, two sweaters, a dressy blouse to wear for my next speech, a pair of jeans, a jacket, and two pull-over tops.  Oh … and two more pairs of pajamas.  Lots of fun stuff!!

After that I stopped at CVS real quick – only needed a couple of items this week so my total was less than $8.  Then it was on to Meijer.  Unfortunately the total was higher than I wanted it to be – but we needed all of the items.


  1. Wow, Amy! Too much fun! I want to go shopping with you!Do you know ---my local Joann's only takes 1 coupon per sale. Luckily, it is located nearby where I can get to it often. Otherwise, I am not above making the sale, going out to the car and coming in again for another purchase. Repeatedly, as necessary. ;-]

    1. The rule of thumb at our local Jo-Ann's is that you can't have multiple coupons of the same kind. So for example -- my 60% coupon that came from the JoAnn's app on my iPad is considered different than the one that they offered on Facebook that I printed and took in. You can't print the Facebook coupon twice and take it in. And if one is from a mailing, and another is from the Sunday paper - then that's considered two different ones.

  2. Such a beautiful block!
    Just love the fabrics in Jo Morton's Leesburg collection.
    This one looks fabulous the way you've used it in this block.