Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday update …

Well, this was one of those mixed bag weeks.   I was anxious for Tuesday to come so that I could call to check on the status of my HQ-16.  When Tuesday came, I was hopeful for a little while – it really did seem like there was hope of it being ready.  I left the house to go run errands thinking that there was a chance that I could hop on the highway and head for Columbus.  But alas, it didn’t turn out.  On Wednesday, Hubby got off at 2:00 p.m., and we were able to go down and pick up my machine after that.  And, like I mentioned in my post that day – we had a nice supper at Max & Erma’s before heading back north.  On the way home, my right leg and right foot kept acting like they were going to start cramping – so we stopped THREE TIMES during the hour drive back home.  Needless to say that added extra time to our trip!

My Jo Morton sampler arrived on Wednesday, which cheered me up too.  I got to open it while holding the heating pad on my leg and toes (which seems to help).  This shipment added two more cheddars to the pile.  The one on top in the picture is a darker cheddar.  The striped fabric under it has light and dark shades of cheddar in it.  Can’t wait to use these! 

photo (13)

And then … the avalanche of hourglass blocks and nickel squares started arriving this week too.  About 90% of the packages arrived Thursday … so it was like Christmas morning.  This was an EIGHT MONTH LONG block swap with an added 300 nickel square (5” squares) swap at the end.  I doubled up on the nickel squares, deciding to swap 600 squares.  It was nice of Jo Lynn to take over the management of the swap when our original swap mistress had a crisis in her life and couldn’t finish out the swap.

photo (14)

I had time on Thursday night and Friday afternoon and evening to work on my HQ-16 and the newly updated Pro-Stitcher.  Thursday’s session did NOT go so well.  But Friday’s session was a little better – and I was able to make up some “cheat sheets” to use with the new system until I get used to the new way of doing things!

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