Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun Friday …

Yesterday we finally got out of the house around noon after my broken sunglasses (and our inability to repair them) almost derailed the afternoon.  We drove over to Marion, Ohio to a shop called Good Wives Co. that we had never visited before.  It was a great little shop focusing on Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I just wanted to buy everything!  We’ll definitely have to stop back over there again in a few months. 


Two of the kits that I purchased were from a book by Kathleen Tracy called The Civil War Sewing Circle.  The shop had kitted up all of the projects from the book – and they were even running a special on the book, so I got it.  (normally I get my books from JoAnn’s so that I can use a 40% coupon)  The pattern you see in the back right of the picture is called Abigail’s Gowns from that wonderful Civil War Legacies series.  The projects from the book and the pattern work up to be small, wall hanging size projects – which is just fine for me!  The pattern in the back left of the picture is called Old Glory, a pattern by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  Again the shop had it kitted up, so it was easy to pick it up and carry it right over to the cash register! 

I also picked up a few cheddar fabrics, and a few shirtings.  And I also got a bundle of red, white and blue strips for a neat quilt that they had hanging in the store.  I didn’t buy the pattern because I think I can figure it out on my own.  I may just start that one this afternoon!

From there we headed south through Delaware, Ohio and on to Quilt Beginnings in Dublin to pick up my block-of-the-month kit for July, and take advantage of this month’s coupon offer on fat quarters.


I am learning to pick out a variety of colors when these sales come around.  All too often I was picking out the colors that appealed to me … turquoise, creams, olive greens, etc.  But then I would decide to make a present for my Mom, or my sister or my nephew … and I wouldn’t have any colors that would be appropriate to that project.  So I adopted a new philosophy!  (v-a-r-i-e-t-y)

By then it was time for dinner, so we made our way back up to Polaris Parkway, and had dinner at Carrabba’s.  After dinner, we made a quick stop at Lowe’s, and then World Market, before heading down the road to Cold Stone to get some little ice cream cups for dessert.  It was so hot we sat in the car in the glorious air conditioning, listening to the Cincinnati Reds feed of the Indians vs. Reds game on the radio.  We were lucky enough to hold on to that feed most of the way home.  And, because these things never seem to make sense – as we got closer to Mansfield, we still could NOT pick up WMAN, but instead were able to pick up WTAM out of Cleveland (more than an hour away).  Uggh!

Here’s a little picture frame I got at World Market …


At the SR97 exit, we decided to head over to the OGS library to see if their new digital sign was up and running yet.  Sure enough it was!  It was a little awkward taking the photo because a local Bellville police officer was using the OGS parking lot as a speed trap.  I’m sure he wondered why we pulled into the otherwise empty parking lot, made a big circle to get over towards the sign – and then rolled down the window to take a picture of it!  I wonder if he ran our plate number to see who we were??  (eeek)


When I got home, the mail yielded yet another 1930’s fabric bundle from Keepsake Quilting.  This one puzzles me because I just got one a few days ago.  (here’s a picture of the one that came the other day, and the one that arrived yesterday)


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  1. Looks like you found some more treasures. Thanks for posting links to the quilt shop in Marion and Dublin. I haven't been to either one but intend to check them out soon:)