Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seaside Rose (no date)

Okay, okay … I know it looks bad to not have a date for these projects, but some of the info. has been lost in translation between two computers over the course of time (and two hard drive meltdowns).  This project is a small wall hanging using Moda’s Seaside Rose line.  It was one of their tin box projects, one of the early ones if I’m not mistaken.


Again, for any newbie quilters who may be looking at my blog … I encourage you to do lots of small projects when you’re starting out.  It is helpful in SO MANY ways.  Here are a few …

  1. Less chance of burn-out
  2. Less fabric, less batting, less thread = more $$ for another project!
  3. Less $$ spent means you won’t beat yourself up too badly if things don’t turn out perfectly
  4. Easier to handle smaller pieces – both the layout and construction of the quilt top, and the machine quilting when the top is completed
  5. Easier to find a place to hang a small wall hanging or a throw pillow – and you should DISPLAY them  (don’t hide them away in a closet)
  6. Lap quilts and pillows make great gifts!
  7. Gives you a chance to practice machine quilting techniques

So many ladies start off by tackling super huge projects in the beginning, and wonder why it takes a year and a half to finish them!

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