Sunday, May 13, 2012

Origami Bow Tie Table Runner – Day 1

I’ve had this kit for quite awhile … another great find at Good Wives Co. (Marion, Ohio).  Well, when I was over there (again) on Friday afternoon, I happened to walk in right as one of the employees was leading a small demonstration on how to make the origami bow tie block.  Another employee had demonstrated the block for me back when I got the kit, but like I said – that was awhile ago.  So this refresher was a great thing. 

I got everything cut and ready to go on my project late this afternoon so I could sit and watch the Indians game and make blocks!  I got a few done.


  1. Aren't they fun to make? Never thought of using them in a runner but will be nice.

    1. The kits they make up at Good Wives Co. are always so great - especially if you like the Civil War repro stuff. (which I do, do, do!!)