Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hourglass Block Swap – Halfway point

We’re about halfway through the hourglass block swap that started in January and will end in August.  I’ve been assembling my blocks into 16-block units as they’ve come back to me.  So now between the ones that I kept, and the ones that I swapped, I have ten 16-block units put together.  This won’t be the final layout, but I wanted to take a picture of how many were done.



  1. Amy, Could you tell us how the hour glass block swap works? I was thinking of starting a swap with a group, but am unable to see how I would work it out.


    1. Julia ... I'm not the leader of the swap, a gal named Tanya is doing that. Let's see if I can break this down. Each month we make 40 blocks - using four different color schemes (10 of each color scheme) We started in January, and it will go every month until August. Tanya discovered in February that this would not give us enough blocks to make the quilt that we were shooting for (pictured in the Sew Scrappy Magaine 2011 - called Scrappy Hourglass) So she added a 300 nickel square (5" squares) exchange for September. But you wouldn't have to do that if you weren't trying to make a specific quilt. Since we were trying to make a specific thing - everyone in the group wanted to make enough to do the quilt in the magazine. But we're going to end up with a nice lap quilt even without the extra nickels at the end.