Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Triangle Pillow–Day 2

Here’s the pillow all finished up (12” x 16”). 


We were gone most of the day – traveling down to Columbus to stop at a few places.  Our main target was QuiltTrends for me to order the frame upgrade for my HQ-16.  Well, that’s what we STARTED OUT going there for.  By the time all was said and done, and the credit card got pulled out, I ended up getting not just the frame upgrade, but also the track upgrade too.  Dear hubby was actually encouraging me to go with the Studio Frame upgrade – but that would have been another $500, and the fact of the matter is – my existing table suits me just fine!   While I was there I got some additional lights for my handlebars, two bobbins (wanted more but they only had two left), and a panel that looks like an Ohio postage stamp. 

After QuiltTrends we headed to Glass Thimble for their 32nd. Anniversary sale (32% off almost everything in the store).  Unfortunately I was just down there at their 21% sale a couple of weeks ago – so I got a bunch of things then.  And there were several things that I was *hoping* to buy, but they were out of … like batting for example.  They had only three packages of batting left in the store!  (eeek)  So all in all it could have been a more productive visit.  I was a bit bummed …

We were hoping to head down to a shop in Grove City (OH) to a quilt shop that is going out of business.  But, we spent so much time at QuiltTrends that we ended up not having time to get down there.  The sale was supposedly a good one (40% off everything left), but who knows how picked over it is at this point – and was it worth us fighting near rush hour traffic to get there in time?  Probably not.  I decided that we could head over to Red Rooster in Dublin (OH) to get some additional quilt hangers, but the clock was ticking away and we were just running out of time.  (uggh) 

So we headed up to the Polaris mall area and went to dinner at Max & Erma’s.  It was a great meal, we hadn’t been there in quite awhile.  I ADORE their cheese skewers (appetizer) … and they were delicious as always.  Hubby and I both got the steak fajitas … rare that we would both get the same meal at any restaurant.  It was yummy.  Despite having to fight through rush hour traffic on Polaris Parkway, we still managed to get to Max & Erma’s at a decent time – and were seated right away.  (woo hoo!)

After dinner we made a quick trip over to the Pandora store at the Polaris mall, and then over to Catherine’s for me to find a new winter jacket, which I DESPERATELY needed.   Actually I should have gotten a new one LAST year, but I made it work for a season longer than it really should have … So now I’m prepared.  I also picked up three pairs of trouser socks and a new pair of pajamas.  Yeah!

Long day!

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