Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trees & Snow ...

We tried to get out of the house EARLY today to get the grocery shopping out of the way before the snow storm hit.  As it turned out we didn't end up leaving the house 'til around 10:45, and then we had to stop at Mom's office before we could hit the stores.  We did farely well at CVS, and pretty good at Meijer (29% savings).  We couldn't find the items at Walgreens that were on the list (bummer).  And we did make a quick stop at Burger King for lunch.  By the time we left Meijer, the snow was starting to fall.  Within an hour of us getting home the first plow was coming up the road.  I'd say we made it home at a perfect time.  We had a good dinner and occasionally looked out the window to see the storm.  Around midnight the lights flickered a couple of times, enough to shut down the computers in the office and my sewing machine (uggh).  All in all a busy day. 

Here are the trees in my Celebrate Spring! piece ... Some have just a thin, thin, thin layer of poly batting.  Others have a layer (or 2) of cotton batting.

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