Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day (from about 7 years ago)

Okay, I didn’t do any kind of special St. Patrick’s Day project this year.  But since I didn’t do anything for Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day – I’m keeping up my solid record!  So I thought I’d share (again) a picture of a St. Patrick’s Day wall hanging that I did back in ‘06.


And here’s the back!


It’s rare to show a picture of the back of a quilt top – but I was so proud of how neat and crisp this was turning out that I just had to show it.

And once again, being the beginning of March, we had to travel out of town TWICE this week.  On Tuesday we drove to meet the family for dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday at one of his favorite restaurants.  (They make a really good grilled pork chop!)  Unfortunately my parents couldn’t make it because my Grandma was in the hospital at the time.  And then yesterday we had to trek up there again for my nephew’s 3rd. birthday!   They had pizza delivered for lunch, and of course there was a mountain of presents for him to open, cake & ice cream and then some Sloppy Joes and chips for supper.  I think everyone had a good time!

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