Monday, February 11, 2013

Simple Strip Quilt – Day 1

Okay, I already had the pieces cut out for this … but … I walked into the quilt room last night a little after midnight, and by 12:45 I had this tiny quilt top put together.  I would have gone ahead and added some backing and batting and started the quilting, but I forced myself to go to bed.  The picture was taken in bad lighting, late at night, with my iPad2, so it’s not the best picture.   I’ll try to take a better picture when the quilting has been finished.



  1. This is cute too! Hope you got some sleep after piecing it together!

  2. You quilt is so cute and original. I can see your a night time quilter. I'm afraid I would be cutting my finger off at 12:45am. Hugs and stitches, Betty Lou

  3. Another cute quilt! It is interesting with the wider strip in the middle.