Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picked out some colors …

Traveled over to Marion around 1:30 this afternoon to take advantage of a fabric sale at Good Wives Co. today.  Got stuff for several projects …

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3  (that is actually a blue hiding back there, not purple, along with a bright orange and a cheddar) 

Got some of this because it’s poison green and cheddar …

And a couple of backings … (9 yards total)
photo (4)

And a yard of a nice shirting to use for a possible upcoming swap …
photo (5)

Got back into town in time to stop at the bank.  When the teller handed me the receipt, I promptly dropped it – and it flew under the car.  So I had to pull up far enough away from the building so that I could open my car door and get out.  Then I had to walk back toward the window and get the receipt off of the ground.  Thankfully there were no cars behind me in line!

I stopped for some chocolate milk for later, and then a quick drive to Wendy’s for a sandwich for dinner.  I was home by 5:30.


  1. I like the "stuff" you got. I would love some of it, too.