Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Allspice Tapestry – Quilting Day 1

I am finally up and running. With my upgrade to the new track system for the HQ-16, it meant that I had to upgrade the carriage for my ProStitcher. Unfortunately the new track arrived broken, but not so much that it couldn't be used. Then when everything was FINALLY put together, the computer wouldn't boot up. I called HandiQuilter and it was fixed within 10 minutes. (we also made some adjustments to the screen's appearance) Saturday when I tried to load a quilt on the new system, I quickly discovered that my stitch regulator wasn't working. Another call to HandiQuilter and again, it was solved in less than 10 minutes. So finally, after a looonnnnggg wait ... I was able to get started on this quilt top that I pieced a couple years ago. Here's the top set of borders so far. I've used a combination of freemotion meandering, swag templates and a design called Ribbon Candy done by the Pro-Stitcher. Oh, and another template was used to make a curvy design in border #2, but you can't really see it because of the fabrics used in that border.


I should mention that I’ve had my HQ-16 machine since mid-2006.  And I had NEVER once called tech. support for any reason.  I had never even called my dealer for any kind of problem.  So the two phone calls to HandiQuilter in the past two weeks were my first experience dealing with tech. support at HandiQuilter.  Like I said, I got my HQ-16 (with stitch regulation) in mid-2006, along with the adjustable height / adjustable length table and frame.  When the handlebars were introduced, I added those to my set up.  Awhile later they introduced the micro-handles and I ordered those.  In early 2011, I was able to purchase a used Pro-Stitcher that my dealer had available, and he came to install that.  And then in late January I got the pole upgrade for my frame and the track upgrade for my table.  Because the track was different engineering, it required that I send my Pro-Stitcher carriage back to Utah to be fitted for the new track. 

My first call to tech support last week was because the computer was not booting up.  It turns out a card on the underside of the carriage had become loose (probably during shipping) and just needed to be pushed back in firmly.  No biggie!  The stitch regulator problem was our fault.  Me and my hubby installed the wrong little circuit board attachment when we were preparing the new carriage for the new track system.


  1. Just found your blog and am glad I found a fellow hq owner! Mine is brand new and I didn't realize there is a huge learning curve! Do you like the pro stitcher?

    1. Love the Pro-Stitcher - but there is a learning curve. How much? Probably depends on who is using it. Normally I am quick with learning computer stuff - but a few things just didn't click with me and it took me longer than expected to learn.