Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Civil War BOW–Blockade (22B)

Okay, I just had to do block 22 over again.  I liked the color combination that I used for it originally – but I didn’t think it would really go with the color palette that I’ve been using for the entire project.  I had it up on the design wall all day Sunday and all day Monday – and the more I looked at it – the more I knew I just had to re-do it!  So tonight I did.  Here’s the new version …

22 Blockade B


  1. Have to admit the fabrics seem to blend better in block B. This looks like an interesting one to piece together:)

  2. I agree Sandra ... these colors are better. Although my Mom liked the blue & dusty rose one. It was interesting to put together.

  3. Your second version is even nicer! It makes me more sure that I want to redo my version of this block also.