Friday, February 4, 2011

Colonial Glory – Day 1

Was finally able to get out to the grocery store for my weekly shopping trip this morning.  The roads were okay … but not so great in other places.  But I made it out there and back.  After lunch I started on Colonial Glory, a kit that I purchased at Aunt Bee’s, a quilt shop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.


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  1. I am looking for the name of the person who designed this quilt. I made the same one and am going to enter it in a quilt show, but I never had the pattern. I just figured it out from the picture I found. The picture of the pattern doesn't have the designer printed on the cover. I did a google search for this pattern and your blog popped up! I see we are interested in the same type of quilts (the CW BOW) and follow some of the same blogs. I originally saw the quilt on Humble Quilts blog, which I see you follow as well! Small world! If you know where the pattern is, could you send me the name of the designer? Thanks in advance.