Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first machine quilting designs

Well, my Pro-Stitcher was set up on Saturday.  Right after my HandiQuilter rep. left, I had to dash out the door because I was about 15 minutes late for my Dad’s birthday party/dinner and it takes a solid 15 minutes to get there, and I still had to change clothes.  Needless to say this is NOT the way that I had envisioned this day going.   I’ve only been waiting FOREVER to get the Pro-Stitcher… and now I have one!

Today I created my first designs … yes, they’re simple, basic designs, done with the help of the software – but I did them!  Late this evening I put them on a USB stick and took them down to test stitch – and they turned out g-r-e-a-t.



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  1. I have a different robotics system and it is so great to see the quilting come out perfect every time. Love it.